Study Abroad


Opportunities for Study Abroad 

Students at Notre Dame can enrich their academic and cultural development with a summer, semester, or full year in Germany.  The University offers semester and full year programs in Berlin and Heidelberg, as well as ample funding to support undergraduates pursuing language courses, internships,  research projects, or service projects in the German-speaking countries.

Semester and Full Year Programs

Notre Dame International offers students the opportunity to study in Berlin, Germany, for a semester or a year as part of a facilitated program through the Berlin Consortium for German Studies (BCGS) of Columbia University. Alternatively, students have the option to participate for a semester or a year in the Heidelberg University AJY program in the picturesque city of Heidelberg, Germany.



Through the BCGS, students enroll at the Freie Universität Berlin, where they experience both cultural immersion and elite academic training in one of the world's most exciting, breathtaking metropoleis.  Highlights of the program include:

  • Students live with a host family for the first month, to enhance language and cultural competency outside of the classroom
  • The program organizes cultural field trips within Berlin, as well as 3- to 4-day trips to nearby cities including Bonn, Cologne, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, and Weimar
  • Courses include specific study abroad topics, like "German Discourse and Culture", as well as regular university courses alongside German students, in areas as varied as art history, economics, philosophy, and physics 


The  Heidelberg University AJY program offers students the chance to grow as German speakers and young academics at the Universität Heidelberg, Germany's oldest and arguably most prestigious academic institution.

For more information about Berlin or Heidelberg, please contact Denise Della Rossa at:
(574) 631-2216, or

Watch the video to receive an impression of the Universitätsstadt Heidelberg: