Reasons to study German


  • Professor Della Rossa Teaching
    Speaking German will allow you to communicate with over 120 million individuals worldwide. After English, German is the most prominent language of world business.
  • Germany boasts a rich intellectual and literary history and a vibrant art and culture scene. Knowing German will allow you to appreciate significant works of literature, philosophy, film, and music in their original language.
  • The German economy ranks #1 in Europe and #4 worldwide. With nearly $1.8 trillion worth of goods and services exported in 2019, Germany is one of the largest exporters globally.
  • More than 5,000 German companies do business in the United States. Knowing the language and culture of your business partners increases your chances for effective communication and success.
  • Are you majoring in a STEM field? Germany is the third-largest contributor to research and development, and German is the second-most commonly used scientific language. Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine was first developed in a German lab!
  • Considering a global career? Proficiency in German increases your job opportunities with companies in Germany and in other foreign countries.


  • Whether you’re studying international economics, engineering, or environmental sciences, combining your major with German opens up exciting career trajectories in fields that benefit from an international perspective.
  • Many graduate programs recommend or require a knowledge of German for fields ranging from physics, chemistry, and biology to art history, linguistics, and religious studies.
  • Studying a foreign language will prepare you to respect difference and diversity — both in the context of your own culture and globally.
  • Knowing a second language leads to enhanced cognitive capacities, including pattern recognition, problem-solving, flexibility, and creativity.


  • Notre Dame Berliner Dom Student Group In Germany
    Join the community of German students at Notre Dame. Whether you’re continuing your study of German or are just starting out, the German Program has the right class for you! The low student-to-faculty ratio contributes to a highly student-centered learning environment where your active learning is encouraged.
  • Get involved! The German Department and the German Club offer a wide array of extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities.
  • Take your learning experience abroad. Notre Dame offers attractive summer, semester, and full-year programs as well as internships in Germany. Grant support for summer experiences in Germany is available through the Summer Language Abroad Program.

“Studying German helped me put myself out of my comfort zone by learning a non-native language, gaining international experiences, and learning to make friends with people from all over the world, connected by common humanity. I've found this to be extremely helpful no matter what field one chooses.”

—Erin Callaghan ’18, private equity associate, Golden Gate Capital, San Francisco