Russian Program

Why Study Russian?


russian_artworkTraditional Russian Welcome Gift of Bread and Salt  

Given the demands of globalization, the need for Americans with a thorough knowledge of Russian language and culture is ever increasing. Notre Dame graduates who have made Russian a centerpiece of their undergraduate education--often in conjunction with majors in Political Science, History, and Economics--have entered a variety of challenging and rewarding careers. Our former students have used their Russian skills for companies such as Ernst and Young and Linklaters & Alliance in New York, which have offices in Russia; two of our majors have served as advisors to the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan and Kirghizia.

Career Outcomes


Knowing Russian opens up one of the richest cultural traditions in the Western world. The novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Chekov's plays, the operas of Tchaikovsky, and Chagall's paintings are just a few of the treasures Russia has bequeathed to the world. Courses devoted to the classics of Russian literature and the culture that engendered them provide an opportunity to discuss the most important political, social, philosophical, theological, and artistic questions of our time.


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The Russian program at Notre Dame is small and personable yet large enough to offer a wide variety of courses. In addition to the six-semester Russian language sequence (no prior knowledge of Russian is required!), we also offer literature and culture courses, some taught in English translation and some in the original Russian. Students can complete a major, supplementary major, or minor in Russian, or a supplementary major or minor in Russian and East European Area Studies. With just ten to twenty students per class, each student receives the personal attention necessary to thrive in a dynamic intellectual environment. There are no large lecture classes in our program, and every student is recognized as an individual from the first day of Beginning Russian.


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