Faculty statement regarding the military attack on Ukraine

Author: Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures

As faculty members in the Department of German & Russian, we join Father Jenkins in denouncing the military attack on the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people in the strongest terms.

We also remember that our university includes many students and colleagues with family and friends in the region. Please know that our hearts, our office doors, and our email inboxes are open to you in this moment of need. We also urge all of you to be similarly supportive.

As the world takes one step further towards darkness, we remain committed to the principle that a life governed by international law and humanistic values, including the study of history, foreign cultures, and foreign languages, is the only path forward towards a more just global society. We are very glad that you have chosen to walk this path with us, and we look forward to many future conversations.

In Notre Dame,

The Faculty of German & Russian