Senior Thesis

You can write a senior thesis — a substantial piece of writing built on deep analysis of a topic you choose — by exploring fascinating topics in German studies, including literature, history, society, politics, or culture.


The most valuable memories graduates say they have from college are:

  • a semester or year of study abroad
  • a meaningful class where a professor showed great interest in them as individuals
  • writing a senior thesis under the guidance of a faculty member

The experience of completing a senior thesis will:

  • challenge and deepen you intellectually
  • cultivate independence
  • enhance your research, organizational, and writing skills
  • allow you to work closely with a faculty member
  • become a defining capstone experience in your undergraduate education


German Student Studying In Department with Cross in Background

Ample funding opportunities are available to cover travel, living expenses, or other costs associated with your research. Consider embarking on this deeply memorable experience here at Notre Dame and reach out to a faculty member!If you receive a B+ or higher on the thesis, have a departmental GPA of 3.5 or above, and present your thesis in a public forum, which can be arranged for you by the department, you will graduate with honors.All you need is an average grade of B or higher in your German major, the support of one or two professors, and an idea or set of interests, which you can develop in consultation with one or more faculty members. The thesis itself, for which you will receive 3 credits each semester, is normally 25-35 pages.


  • Summer before Senior year: secure nomination from at least one departmental faculty member
  • 14 days before last day of classes in Spring semester: submit final thesis