Russian Program

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The Russian program at Notre Dame features small class sizes, close relationships with faculty, opportunities to do research and write a senior thesis, multiple avenues to study abroad in a Russian-speaking country, cultural events in the South Bend and Chicago areas, and much more!

Why study Russian?

Our classes are discussion-based and draw on interdisciplinary approaches that integrate history, politics, language, literature, art, and culture to provide you with a full understanding of this complex region. They will give you the theoretical and analytical tools necessary to think critically and independently about Russia’s place in the world, as well as the intercultural competence to succeed in a study abroad program, internship, or job in the region.

As scholars, our faculty are leaders in Russian literary and cultural studies. They publish their work in high-impact journals and with well-regarded university presses. Our faculty have also won prestigious fellowships and external grants to support their ongoing work as scholars. Some of our faculty have served as editors of top journals, such as the Pushkin Review. Finally, several of our faculty have won college- and university-wide awards for their teaching. 

Explore more reasons to study Russian.

Studying Russian prepares you for a variety of careers, both using the language and beyond. Learn more about how 100% of Russian alumni found success after graduation.

“My study of Russian language provided me with cultural competency that was extremely useful when I was an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy. Beyond direct influence on my work, my study of Russian language and literature developed the complexity of my thinking, my critical thinking skills, and my willingness to take on hard things. By taking on Russian, we developed our self-discipline and inclination toward hard work that are hallmarks of successful people.“

—Christina Bagaglio Slentz ’95, Ph.D. candidate, international/global studies, Old Dominion University

Programs offered

Student Studying Abroad In Russia

We offer the following undergraduate programs for students interested in the Russian language:

For students who are not studying the Russian language, we also offer a minor in Russian studies, which features coursework exclusively in English.  

In addition to our excellent course offerings, our undergraduate students engage in research — serving as a research assistant for a faculty member, conducting their own independent research, or writing a senior thesis. Our honors track prepares students who plan to attend graduate school. Internships during the summer and academic year are available to our students, and our undergraduate majors are very successful in finding careers after graduation. 

Getting started in Russian

Whether you want to dive into the Russian language, study the economy of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, or take classes on the region in English, we have a course for you! 

To discover more about our classes, majors, minors, and other programming, visit our Getting started in Russian page.

If you have any questions, please contact the DUS in Russian:

Professor Tetyana Shlikhar