Who Hires Liberal Arts Majors

Author: Tanja Schuler

December 09, 2015 • Todd Boruff

Graduates of the College of Arts and Letters are in demand in the business world.

“We hire Notre Dame liberal arts majors into a lot of different positions,” said Nick LoManto, manager of the finance leadership development program at Vanguard, an investment management company. “You could be in marketing in a client-facing role, in investments, finance, or accounting. We’ve seen Arts and Letters students from Notre Dame be successful regardless of the major that they came from.”

Through a broad liberal arts education, Arts and Letters students develop problem-solving, analysis, and communication skills—attributes that recruiters from major companies are seeking in college graduates.

“Arts and Letters graduates have those communication skills and those relationship-building skills that we’re really looking for,” said Angela Ginocchio, corporate trainer at Epic, a health care software company.

“Diversity of thought is very important as we think about the consumer,” said Kindra Wray, recruiting manager at General Mills. “(Liberal arts majors) have the ability to peek around the corners and see things in gray areas. We think it plays very well within our culture.”

The skills gained in the College of Arts and Letters help graduates secure not only their first job, but continue to help them throughout their career.

“We hire liberal arts majors into everything from our merchandising department to our brand analysis department,” said Erin Radley, associate merchant at Abercrombie & Fitch. “They tend to do really well at Abercrombie and be promoted up to be leaders of teams … and, really, leaders in the company as a whole.”