2023 Senior Thesis Projects

Author: Amanda Anderson

2023 Senior Thesis Cover

Congratulations to the following seniors for completing senior thesis projects!



Abigail (Abie) Craff: Early German Cinema as a Model for Hitchcock’s Pure Cinema

Eoghan Fay:  'More of the Fugitive than of the Scarlet Pimpernel:’ Hermann
Goertz and Irish Neutrality & Sovereignty in the Second World War

Lingxiao (Linda) Gao: American, German, and Chinese Rip Van Winkle: The Transnational
Tale of an Anachronistic Traveler

Joseph (Joey) Jegier: Exploring, Deciding, Becoming: Discernment at the
University of Notre Dame

Alexis Kelly: Framing Graciela Iturbide: Representations of Indigeneity in
Mexican Photography from the 19th Century to the Present

Michael O’Loughlin: Surprise, Surprise: Explaining the Unexpected Persistence of the
Alternative for Germany



Sarah Chong: The Relationship Between Perceived Clinical Compassion and Health
Outcomes Across Population Subgroups in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan

Benjamin Malloy: The Influence of French Colonialism on the Legal Systems of the
Maghreb: A Comparative Analysis of Personal Status Law and the
Death Penalty

Elizabeth (Liz) May: Oil in International Relations


Read more about their work here: 2023 Senior Thesis Presentation for German and Russian