Russian Club

2019-2020 Russian Club Officers



President: Katherine Mansourova <>

Vice President: Yadviga Tischenko <>

Treasurer: Jessica Saeli <>

About Russian Club

Although the Russian Club provides excellent opportunities for students enrolled in Russian language courses to practice and improve their abilities, like our tutoring program and discussion groups where Russian is the primary language used, it is not necessary to speak Russian to join the club. The Russian Club is comprised of people who simply enjoy learning
more about or being engaged by some aspect of Russian-related matter, whether it be literature, language, culture, history, geography, or geopolitics, etc., and our activities are reflective of the diverse interests of our members.


The Russian Club holds biweekly Conversation Tables at the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures in DeBartolo 330. Members can come to participate in conversation and fun with other Russian speakers and students. The Russian Club is interested in fostering better relations between native Russians on our campus and our members, and intends to do so by sponsoring events in which the two groups come together. In the past Russian Club members have traveled together to Chicago to see Russian art and enjoy Russian cuisine at the restaurant Russian Tea Time.

We encourage anyone curious about or interested in Russian culture to contact one of the officers to find out information about upcoming meetings or Club events, and to get added to the Russian Club listserv. Please feel free to e-mail any of the officers if you have any questions about the information you see on this page, would like to be more involved, or have ideas you would like to share!

The Russian Ensemble 

Russian Tea Time Restaurant, Chicago

Romeo and Juliet, State Ballet Theater of Russia, Chicago