NEW: German Immersion Program


1) This program is open for non-Notre Dame students. Interested students from other institutions should contact Prof. Denise Della Rossa at 

2) Independently but in cooperation with the German Immersion Program, the University of Rhode Island's International Engineering Program is offering a  German STEM Immersion Summer School during the same dates. This program is also open for non-URI students, and requires students to have taken at least 6 semesters of prior German. 


Immerse yourself in the German language and culture, and experience one of Europe’s most vibrant and culturally diverse cities!

The 6-week German Immersion Program, based in the scenic Pankow district on the outskirts of Berlin, is an intensive summer language program, during which you can complete two full semesters of German language courses. Whether you are a beginner, have some previous German, or start at the intermediate level, you agree to communicate exclusively in German Monday through Friday, even outside of the classroom. This full immersion approach allows you to acquire words, phrases, and grammatical concepts faster--you will even start thinking and dreaming in German at some point, and thus become a proficient speaker of German more quickly. Formal classroom instruction is supplemented with program-sponsored co-curricular activities, like museum and theater visits, outings to the movies, barbecues with German students, or group sports activities. In addition, you also learn from your peers during community breakfasts and lunches, which are included in the program fee. So, while you enjoy a delicious German breakfast, you also improve your German through the interactions with the other students.


Students in the German Immersion Program are placed into one of three courses:

Beginning German

  • For students with no prior German
  • In Berlin, you take the equivalent of Germ 10101 (Beginning German I) and 10102 (Beginning German II)

Beginning German Plus

  • For students with one semester of college German (or the equivalent thereof)
  • In Berlin, you take the equivalent of Germ 10102 (Beginning German II) and 20201 (Intermediate German I)

Intermediate German  

  • For students who have completed Beginning German I and Beginning German II (or the equivalent thereof)
  • In Berlin, you take the equivalent of Germ 20201 (Intermediate German I) and 20202 (Intermediate German II)


The German Language Agreement

You pledge that Monday through Friday (mandatory) and ideally also on the weekends (optional), you use German as your sole language of communication; inside and outside of class.

Under the agreement, you will not listen to music in other languages, read in other languages, or browse social media in other languages. Everything you do, you will do in German.

You may ask yourself: “Why should I forego the use of English or any other language for 6.5 weeks?!”

Research by second language acquisition experts has shown that immersion students faster acquire advanced levels of functional proficiency in a second language – far superior to level achieved by students in conventional foreign language programs.

Program Dates: May 20, 2022 – July 2, 2022. Participants must attend the full program. No late or early arrivals. 

Students arrive in Berlin on May 20, 2022 (no later than early afternoon); students departing from the US would do so on May 19, 2022.

Program Fee: $11,000.00

  • 8 Notre Dame credits
  • Lodging
  • All program academic outings and field trips
  • Transport to and from airport
  • On site program support from Notre Dame faculty
  • City Transportation Card
  • GeoBlue International Health Insurance
  • Buffet breakfast and lunch, Monday through Fridays

Program Fee does not include

  • Airfare (approx. $1,200) • Meals (approx. $1,000)
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Personal spending money 

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QUESTIONS - please email:
Denise Della Rossa