Senior Thesis and Honors

Senior Thesis and Departmental Honors

German first and supplementary majors who elect to write a Senior Thesis must meet the following requirements:

(1) The student must have a minimum departmental GPA of 3.0 in the major,
(2) should be nominated by two members of the German faculty during the spring semester
of his or her junior year and no later than the first week of classes the fall semester of their senior year, and
(3) the thesis may be written in either German or English with a length of between 25-35 pages, including notes and references (Exceptions beyond 35 pages require advisor approval). Two bound copies of the final document are to be submitted to the Department of German.

For the fall semester the student will receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade (3 credits) for GE 48499. At the completion of the thesis in the spring semester, the student will be given a letter grade (3 credits) for GE 48499. These credits do not count toward the 30-credit hour requirement for the first major.

German first and supplementary majors who wish to receive Departmental Honors must meet the above criteria as well as the following:

(1) The student will present his or her thesis work in a public forum, such as Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference held each May or at a similar conference, and
(2) the student must maintain a departmental GPA of 3.5 and receive no lower than an B+ on the Senior Thesis.