Affiliated Faculty

Ruth Abbey

Professor of Political Science
Ph.D. 1995, McGill University

Specializations: Nietzsche, Charles Taylor, Feminist Political Thought, Liberal Political Thought, the Internet and Politics

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Karl Ameriks

McMahon-Hank Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus
Ph.D. 1973, Yale University

Specializations: Kant, Fichte, Hegel, Husserl.

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Matthew Ashley

Associate Professor of Theology, Emeritus
Ph.D. University of Chicago Divinity School, 1993

Specializations:  German political theology; Latin American liberation theology; Christian spirituality; theology and science

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John Betz

Associate Professor of Theology
Ph.D. 1999, University of Virginia

Specializations: systematic and philosophical theology, with a particular interest in German philosophy and theology from the eighteenth century to the present; chiefly the eighteenth-century Lutheran author, Johann Georg Hamann, and the twentieth-century Jesuit theologian Erich Przywara.

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Laura Dassow Walls

Willliam P. and Hazel B. White Professor of English
Ph.D., Indiana University

Specializations: American Transcendentalism; Literature and Science

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John Deak

Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. 2009, University of Chicago

Specializations:  History of the Habsburg Empire, Central European History, German history before 1871, Political and Constitutional History.

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Lauren Faulkner Rossi

Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D., Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Specialization: Modern Europe, Religious

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Mary E. Frandsen

Associate Professor of Musicology
Ph.D. 1997, Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester)
Chair, American Heinrich Schütz Society.

Specializations: Music of the 17th Century; musical life at the court of Dresden; musical patronage; development of musical genres; sacred music and devotional life.

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Andrew C. Gould

Associate Professor of Government
Ph.D. 1992, University of California at Berkeley

Specializations: Political Development, Political Economy, Liberalism.

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Brad S. Gregory

Professor; Dorothy G. Griffin Collegiate Chair in European History; Director, Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study
Ph.D. 1996, Princeton University 

Specializations: Early Modern Europe; Intellectual; Religious

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Don A. Howard

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. 1979, Boston University

Specializations: Einstein, History of Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics.

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Robert A. Krieg

Professor of Systematic Theology
Ph.D. 1976, University of Notre Dame

Specializations: Catholicism in German culture, Romano Guardini, Karl Rahner, Catholic theologians in the Third Reich, Karl Adam, Hans Küng, Walter Kasper.

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Robert L. Kusmer

Supervisor, Strategic Resource Discovery Services German Language & Literature Librarian, Theodore M. Hesburgh Library.
Ph.D. 1983, Northwestern University; M.L.S. 1988, Kent State University

Specializations: Original cataloging and classification of German/humanities monographs, German bibliography, Enlightenment through mid-twentieth century German literature, Intellectual history and German literature, Nietzsche, German language instruction.

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Alexander Martin


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Specializations:  Professor Martin's research focuses on Imperial Russia between the mid-18th and mid-19th century.

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A. James McAdams

Is the William M. Scholl Professor of International Affairs
Ph.D. 1983, University of California, Berkeley

Specializations: Modern European politics, German politics, comparative politics, theories of transitional justice.

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Gerald McKenny

Walter Professor of Theology
Ph.D. 1989, University of Chicago

Primary Field of Study: Moral Theology/Christian Ethics

Specializations: Relation of religion and morality in modern and postmodern thought (specifically Kant's Religion and the Conflict of the Faculties, and the ways in which subsequent efforts of theologians, Christian and Jewish, and philosophers to address the question of how religion and morality repeat Kant's formulations), ethics of the human alteration of nature as it occurs in environmental interventions and in biotechnology (involves the critiques of technology carried out by Weber, Heidegger, Jonas, and the Frankfurt School, and the postmodern criticisms of those critiques).

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G. Felicitas Munzel

Professor, Program of Liberal Studies
Ph.D. 1990, Emory University

Specializations: Kant, moral philosophy, history of philosophy.

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Thomas F. X. Noble

Professor of History, Emeritus

Specializations: Medieval; Mediterranean; Religious

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Cyril O’Regan

Catherine F. Huisking, Professor of Theology
Ph.D. 1989, Yale University

Specializations: Modern Christian Thought (both Protestant and Catholic), theological and philosophical hermeneutics, intersections of theology and continental philosophy (including postmodern thought), religion and literature, German Idealism, and Romanticism.

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Fred Rush

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. 1996, Columbia University

Specializations: Kant, Hegel, Frankfurt School, aesthetics, social & political philosophy Edited Book: The Cambridge Companion to Critical Theory. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2003.

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John Van Engen

Andrew V. Tackes Professor Emeritus of Medieval History

Specializations: Cultural and Religious;Twelfth-Century Reform and Society; Late Medieval Religious Movements; Women Writers; Monasticism; Canon Law; Christianization

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Dana Villa

The Packey J. Dee Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., Princeton University

Specializations: Political theory,  Hannah Arendt

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Stephen H. Watson

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. 1980, Duquesne

Specializations: Contemporary continental thought (phenomenology and existentialism, hermeneutics, French structuralism, critical theory); 19th-century philosophy (including Kant and German Idealism).

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Susan Youens

Emeritus Faculty, J. W. Van Gorkom Professor Emerita of Music, Professor Emerita of Musicology
Ph.D. 1975, Harvard University

Specializations: the Lieder of Franz Schubert, Hugo Wolf, and Gustav Mahler; German opera; 19th-century poetry and folksong.

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