FILM: Toxi (1952)


Location: Browning Cinema in DPAC


Directed by Robert A. Stemmle
With Elfie Fiegert, Paul Bildt, Johanna Hofer 
Not Rated, 88 minutes, 35mm
German with English subtitles
Introduced by Michelle Rene Eley, Assistant Professor of German Studies, North Carolina State University

A well-to-do Hamburg family finds a five-year-old girl abandoned at the door of its villa. Toxi is black, the daughter of a now-deceased German girl and an American G.I. who has returned to the States. Director Robert A. Stemmle effectively details then-current attitudes toward interracial relationships and multi-racial children, presenting German positions on race and racism with remarkable honesty and candor. The film premiered at the moment when the first generation of children created by liaisons between German women and American soldiers—many of whom were African American—began entering German schools, creating a public awareness of a unique situation.