German Faculty


Tobias Boes

Associate Professor of German
Ph.D. in Comparative Literature 2006, Yale University

Professor Boes specializes in the modernist period, the theory and history of the novel, and in cultural interactions between Germany and the world at large. His additional interests include the environmental humanities and the German operatic tradition.

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On Leave Fall 2015



Denise M. Della Rossa

Teaching Professor
Ph.D. 2002, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Director of Undergraduate Studies

She specializes in 19th-Century German women's writing, in which she pursues the process by which women developed a literary consciousness.

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William Collins Donahue

John J. Cavanaugh, CSC, Professor of the Humanities
Chair, Department of German and Russian Languages and Literature
Ph.D. 1995, Harvard University
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Carsten Dutt

Assistant Professor of German
Ph.D. 2004, University of Heidelberg

Professor Dutt’s specializations include literary hermeneutics, the theory and methodology of conceptual history, and modern German literature.

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Fall 2015 Office Hours: MW 2:15-3:15, and by appointment



Vittorio Hösle

Paul G. Kimball Chair of Arts and Letters, Professor of German, Concurrent Professor of Philosophy, Concurrent Professor of Political Science, Founding Director of Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study
Ph.D. 1982, and Dr. habil. 1986, Tubingen

Professor Hosle's specializations include philosophy (metaphysics, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics) and intellectual history.

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Claire Jones

Assistant Professor of German
PhD. 2012, University of Pennsylvania

CJ's areas of research include medieval and early modern Christian spirituality and mysticism, music and corporate worship, German and French phenomenology, and "literary theory."

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Robert E. Norton

Associate Vice President for Internationalization in Notre Dame International; Professor of German; Concurrent Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. 1988, Princeton University

His specializations include 18th- through 20th-Century German literature and philosophy, aesthetics and ethics, and German intellectual history.

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Mark W. Roche

Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Professor of German; Concurrent Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. 1984, Princeton University

Professor Roche teaches courses in German language, literature, intellectual history, and film as well as broader courses in the humanities. His publications have been on German literature and on philosophy, film, and higher education.

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Fall 2015 Office Hours: W 3:30-5:00, F 2:00-3:00, and by appointment



Hannelore Weber

Teaching Professor
M.A. in German 1994, University of Notre Dame

Professor Weber specializes in second language acquisition and pedagogy. Her additional interests include German music, with a focus on German Lieder.

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Emeriti Faculty


Vera B. Profit

Professor of German and Comparative Literature
Ph.D. 1974, the University of Rochester

Her specializations include post-1945 literature of the German-speaking countries, 20th-Century German lyric poetry, French poetry between the world wars, and the interrelationship of psychology and literature.

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Albert K. Wimmer

Associate Professor of German, Fellow of the Medieval Institute, Fellow of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies
Ph.D. 1975, Indiana University

His specializations include medieval German literature, language pedagogy, history of the German language, business German, contemporary German issues, and translation.

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Nancy Bikowski

Administrative Assistant

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